A poet in Green End has written this tribute to thank health workers.

There are a few local health workers helping to voice the poem as well – and you might recognise the Addenbrookes wall mural!

Thank Me for Thinking Twice (Youtube)


and the poem text is below ..

Thank Me by Thinking Twice

Now the applause is over,
And the echo of clapping fades
Don’t think there aren’t ways to thank me –
There are actions that mean more than praise.

Thank me by understanding
That your actions still carry weight
That the lives of the people on my ward
Are connected to choices you make.

Thank me by following guidelines,
Thank me by heeding advice
When you’re desperate to visit your family,
Thank me by thinking twice.

Thank me in absent kisses
Thank me in un-given hugs
Thank me by crossing over the road
To avoid someone you love.

Thank me by often washing your hands
Thank me by taking a test
Thank me by being patient
When you just want to yell and protest.

Thank me by cleaning surfaces,
And trying to not touch your face
Thank me by counting six chairs
And measuring out your space.

Thank me by going out early
When few people are on the streets
Thank me by choosing not to step
Onto a crowded beach.

Thank me by staying away from me,
Or hiding your smile with a mask,
Thank me by dropping off shopping
On your elderly neighbour’s front path.

These strange and significant thank-yous,
This language we’ve all had to learn,
if you can continue to speak it,
then I can continue my work.

Because none of us is an island,
And alone, we are all at sea.
I couldn’t have done my job properly
Without things that you did for me.

So thank you for teaching my children
Thank you for making my food
Thanks for letting me into the shop
While you stood outside and queued.

Thank you for making equipment
Thank you for donating blood.
Thank you for collecting my rubbish.
Thank you for sewing my scrubs.

Thank you for standing together
Whilst standing two metres apart
Distant and separate physically,
Shoulder to shoulder in heart

Someday maybe I’ll tell you
Exactly what I’ve been through…
But for now, please, just thank me
By being your most selfless you.

Jude Simpson