We follow the Spitfire flyover Comberton with a space vehicle flyover !

NASA launches a SpaceX rocket into the starry skies on Saturday night 30th May at 20:22 from Launchpad 39A in Cape Canaveral, Florida.(scheduled time)

The Demo-2 mission is scheduled to pass over the UK with two astronauts aboard.

The rocket should be visible over the UK after 8.35pm on Saturday night on its first pass but the sky will be bright at that time.. Later another pass occurs, BUT it will be low in the sky coming from the west and then curving south at 22:15 BST.

As the Spacecraft passes over the UK we may see just the one or a collection of objects looking like bright stars moving across the sky from west to south east. The craft might be bright enough to follow once you catch a glimpse of it as it speeds toward the International Space Station (ISS) for its rendezvous. Just like the ISS you shouldn’t need binoculars.

The spacecraft is catching up with the International Space station which is itself  visible in the UK until 1st June and on Saturday you can see it coming from the west at 22:10 and finishing to the south south east at 22:16; its highest point is at 22:13.