Proposed improvements for pedestrians and cyclists in the village

Update on the Comberton Greenways from the Parish Council

Some residents may have noticed signs and received letters indicating that roadworks are starting in Comberton related to the Comberton Greenways.

Recently, a Traffic Regulation Order was issued relating to:

    • New speed limits in the village
    • Raised tables
    • Reduction of junction width
    • New pedestrian crossings.

An update on the Comberton Greenways is given below:

Works on Long Road and adjacent roads

Improvements to Long Road and adjacent roads, including speed-limiting measures, are planned as part of the Comberton Greenway. However, these works will not occur for many months, and design drawings have not been produced. As a result, while we have noted residents’ comments, we will not discuss these plans until designs are available.

Speed limits

The Traffic Regulation Order proposed a new 40 mph limit on Long Road up to a point south of Branch Road, and a new 20 mph from that point down to the junction to Barton Road, and on Barton Road and West Street where the limit is currently 30 mph.

We have heard feedback from residents who wish for the speed limit reduction to encompass all streets in the village. We are therefore working with the Greenway team to obtain a 20 mph speed limit on all roads currently limited to 30 mph, and 40 mph on the Green End and Branch Road section which is currently limited to 60mph.

Works on Barton Road, West Street and adjacent roads

The proposed design includes three raised tables (similar to a speed bump but with an expanded flat surface) corresponding to essential crossing points for pedestrians:

    • In front of Comberton Village College. It is a condition on the Co-Op planning application that a zebra crossing is built. The Co-op is paying for these works via what is known as Section 106.
    • At the Green End/South Street junction, providing informal and safer crossing points for the dentist, GP, playgroup, pub, and village shop at this busy junction that currently has only one zebra crossing.
    • Next to the junction with Harbour Avenue, providing an informal crossing point for primary school children.

In addition, it is proposed to decrease the width of junctions with side streets and add raised tables at the entrance to some side streets. This would apply to Harbour Avenue, Woottens Close, Kentings, and Barrons Way at their junctions with Barton Road.

At the time of writing (Mid October 2023) , the works to build the zebra crossing opposite Comberton Village College are planned to start on 23rd Oct.

The other works proposed for the village will be presented via detailed and simplified drawings, with an opportunity for discussion and questions, at an information event on Wednesday, 8th November, from 2 pm to 6:30 pm at the Village Hall.

All the proposed works aim to:

  • Enforce a new 20mph speed limit across the village;
  • Force cars to slow down at essential crossing points, either on the main road or at side streets;
  • Reduce street crossing distances for pedestrians;
  • Support street crossing for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

Who to contact and how to keep up to date?

  1. Sign up for regular email updates: for a monthly newsletter on Greenway works around Greater Cambridge, please register your email at and select Greenways.
  2. Website: for more on the Comberton Greenway, visit:
  3. Contact details: If you have any concerns during the construction, you can contact Milestone Infrastructure’s dedicated Customer Liaison Officer, at @">@
  4. 4. If you have comments about the Comberton Greenways, please send them to Cllr Claire Michel (@).

Comberton Green Way update Wednesday 8th November 2 – 6:30 pm Village Hall

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