As a result of the snow and ice, Greater Cambridge Shared Waste bin collection crews are not able to empty bins on some streets this week. Bin lorries are only able to safely empty bins on those streets that have been gritted as it is too dangerous and slippery for the vehicles to drive down un-treated roads. The freezing temperatures have also had an impact on the trucks themselves – with bin lifting mechanics failing. The safety of bin crews must come first.

If all the bins on your street have not been emptied, we will not be able to return until the next collection day so please bring your bins back in and put them out again on your next collection day. Bin crews will then do their very best to remove additional waste left alongside wheelie bins for these properties when they come back for your next scheduled collection.

For blue bins, this means one transparent clear sack of recycling plus one bundle of cardboard. Put any glass inside the blue bin and bundles of cardboard must be of a size which will fit inside an empty bin with the lid closed.
For black bins, this will be up to two extra black bin bags for those households that need it.
Bin crews are not able to collect additional green bin waste that is not in an authorised additional green bin.

The bin crews are working hard to try and empty as many bins as possible, and Greater Cambridge Shared Waste apologise for any inconvenience. The freezing weather conditions are making their jobs especially hard at the moment

If you believe your bin has been missed, and others on your street were emptied then please report this in the usual way.

Next week, bin crews will be trying to return to those areas which did not receive a bin collection between Monday 12 and Friday 16 December due to the freezing weather. Please note however that due to the numbers of staff and lorries that are available, this only applies to black and blue bins – not green bins. If all the blue or black bins on your street were not emptied between 12 and 16 December, please put these back out on Sunday evening and waste crews will do their best to empty them by Friday afternoon (23 December). The Council is aware of which whole streets were missed because of the mapping software used in bin lorries. If by Friday it/they have not been emptied, then the Council has apologised but will not be able to return until the next scheduled collection day. Thank you for your patience.

for reference future collection dates are as follows


DateBlack binBlue binGreen bin
Wednesday 14 December 2022 Blue bin collectionGreen bin collection
Wednesday 21 December 2022Black bin collection  
Friday 30 December 2022 (changed collection date) Blue bin collection 
Friday 6 January 2023(changed collection date)Black bin collection  
Thursday 12 January 2023(changed collection date) Blue bin collectionGreen bin collection
Wednesday 18 January 2023Black bin collection