Someone’s 13 year old son was involved in a hit-and-run on Wednesday evening 6th October at approx. 9:15 on Barton Road, just near the turning to Harbour Avenue.

Apparently the car was seen driving at extreme speed on the wrong side of the road from Barton to Comberton prior to impact. The son has sustained serious injuries.

In addition around the same time it appears that a drunk or drugged driver (or  it could have been a joy rider who isn’t very good at driving) crashed into the white picket fencing (owned by the Parish Council ) at the end of Swaynes Lane (opposite the pub) and they then reversed off the grass verge and went down Swaynes Lane and crashed into a car parked on Swaynes Lane. The car left behind part of their wing mirror in Swaynes lane,

Any information is very important so please contact the Police on 111 incident number 433-06102021. Thank you.