Comberton takes your security seriously
and we’d like to provide you with some tips to protect your online security.

Top tips for password safety:

  1. Use a different but memorable password for each website that you use like: 
      1. Fred.Bl0ggs-AMAZ
      2. Fred.Bl0ggs!EBAY
      3. Fred.Bl0gs!FACE
      4. Fred-Bl0gs!NATWESTwhere a letter O  is a number 0, and preferably you have an all capitals sequence and some punctuation marks (!,-) in your passwords.
  2. Keep your password very secret
    (although you should pass them on to your family in a secure sealed envelope in case of an accident or severe illness)
  3. Ensure any password is at least 8 characters in length and uses at least one capital letter and one number,
    and if they allow it intersperse punctuation marks like – and !
  4. Every legitimate website (banks, shopping, social media ) will never ask you to share your password with them
    even in an email or text message which might ap[pear from a friend, family, colleague or the organisation.!!!

If you have used the same password that you use on any account on any other sites or may have shared your password with someone else, we recommend that you change your password, to stay safe.

You can normally do this on your account settings page.

Top tips for email safety:

  • Normally safe sites will never ask you to respond to any email with personal data such as your bank details, date of birth or phone number
  • From time to time safe sites may ask you to check or update your address details. They would do this by directing you to their main website (like or or or…)   and ask you to log on to update your details.TYPE THE ADDRESS IN YOUR WEB BROWSER – don’t click on a link since the hackers might have hidden their hacking site underneath what appears to be a ‘real’ link !

With most email service providers you can inform them when you receive a spam email through a ‘mark this as spam’ button. Doing this when you receive a spam email helps to track spam email senders and stop them getting into your inbox the next time.