Following an in-depth professional safety report on the playground equipment and checking how the Parish Council can re-open the playground in line with Govt. COFID19 guidelines/legislation..

Noon Sat 11th July !!

The Parish Council asks that people abide by the guidance notes on particular equipment usage and being COFID19 secure when using the Playground.

You are advised to bring your own sanitiser and wipes with you; to wash all hands before you leave your home (thus not bringing the virus to the Rec.) and when you return (thus not bring anything back into your home). Stay safe and protect yourselves and the rest of Comberton !

The Dome is still out of bounds due to two safety issues identified in the checks (blue slide issue and compressed/hard safety bark surface). Other equipment can be used subject to social distance guidance displayed.

You may find an indication as to how, in depth, Comberton Parish Council strived to open the playground equipment by July 11th 2020. click here