A silver tabby, Ziggy, hasn’t been seen since yesterday (Sat 16 May) lunchtime.

He is normally back by mid-evening at the latest and has never been out overnight.

Could he have got trapped in your garage or shed?

Did you see him yesterday?

He doesn’t wear a collar (after losing eight in quick succession) but the owners think that he is the only cat of his colour in the vicinity.
The owners  would be grateful for any news of him – even if it’s bad news. Use the contact page…


Thanks to the information from several people about Ziggy’s probably hangouts, he was apprehended opposite Manor Farm fifteen  minutes ago and is now home. He has a gash on his head but is otherwise apparently undamaged, and he’s already had two suppers and some treats.

There’s a certain irony in his having survived life as a street cat in Egypt but managing to get in trouble (and not for the first time in his four years here) in a Cambridgeshire village.