Comberton Parish Council have resubmitted a funding application to Cambridgeshire County Council to make the roads safer in Comberton.

Because the Comberton speed reduction plans have evolved over the past few years, due to highways engineer advice and funding availability, it makes sense to check whether people are still generally supportive of this idea. The plan reduces speeds over a wide area, however not all roads could be included. For example, reducing speeds on Long Road was too expensive.

Following several consultations, the Parish Council have supported an application to Cambridgeshire County Council’s Local Highways Initiative. This fund offers up to £15,000 towards local projects – which is a £5,000 increase from previous years. Here we seek to gather feedback on the updated plans, which have been modified in line with recommendations from a highway engineer.

The current proposal is for the speed limit on most of the minor roads inside Comberton to drop to 20mph.

Below is a link to a ONE QUESTION survey which describes the safest plan possible at present and simply asks whether you support it:

Click to answer one question on the proposal

We would be really grateful if you answer this by the second week of January 2020, and also share this link with the people you know who live or work in Comberton and neighbouring villages, who would be affected by this change.