Action Fraud is warning people about a new scam that appears to charge individuals for an Amazon Prime subscription.

The organisation has received hundreds of reports of a scam where victims receive an automated phone call claiming they’ve been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription. The phone call informs people their personal details have been fraudulently used to subscribe to Amazon Prime, however, they can cancel the transaction by pressing 1 on their phone keypad.

When victims do this, they are sent through a high cost call and then  automatically connected to criminals posing as Amazon customer service representatives, who then  if the responder allows it, remotely access their computer and steal their personal and financial details.

Action Fraud Advice

  • Never install software as a result of a cold call
  • Always question uninvited approaches in case it’s a scam
  • If in doubt contact a company directly using a known email address or phone number
  • Feel confident to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information