Later police found them in the pub with loads of dogs. Hare coursers who torched their own vehicle managed to set an entire field on fire.

At around 12pm on Sunday 11th August, police received reports of hare coursing in a field off Long Road in Comberton.

There was no sign of the coursers but they had left behind a car on fire which spread to the recently harvested field.

image from Cambs Police RCAT

However, the coursers hadn’t gone very far, and police were able to track them down in a nearby pub.

Officers said they were given away by the five dogs they had with them, all of whom didn’t have microchips.

The four men were arrested, however due to a witness being reluctant to give a statement police were forced to de-arrest them.

However, they were dispersed and escorted from the county by officers.

The five dogs have been taken into care.

Cambs Police Rural Crime Action Team (RCAT) police officers said:

“We will identify the vehicle and see if it has any insurance. Most coursing vehicles are not as they tend to use traders policies. “[Damage to the field] will come out of the farmers pocket. At least it had just been harvested so the crop was gone but there is still the loss of the sale of straw.”

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