The new (4 feb 2019) consultation from the Greater Cambridge Partnership on its Cambourne to Cambridge Better Transport Project – Phase 2 Consultation has said what might be brilliant news for Comberton.

Their website refers… GC website consultation 2

If their consultation were to be believed then they said:

” There are two options for Park & Ride facility locations:

• Scotland Farm – with vehicle access off Scotland Road; or

• Waterworks – with access off the Madingley Mulch roundabout. Both locations are compatible with a future CAM network

We  consulted on the approximate location of the Park & Ride facility in 2017, and Scotland Farm was the preferred location.

If the Madingley Mulch Waterworks Park and Ride were to be adopted then traffic to it from the south west (via satnavs) would have been directed up South Street  / Green End / Long Road.BUT

“Now, with more information on Phase 2, we are asking for views on more detailed proposals showing how the route would link with each of the proposed sites”

The Scotland Farm P&R is between the Dry Drayton business park and the A428 – incoming traffic is less likely to transit through Comberton.

Scotland Farm P&R summary

Otherwise Long Road/ Green End, South Street would get the southerly traffic into the Madingley Mulch Waterworks site

Waterworks P&R summary

Look in your post for a consultation leaflet — More to follow…