South Cambs Police said early today..

Over the next 24 hours we will be holding our biggest #roadsafetyday aimed at saving lives and reducing the number of people seriously injured in collisions on the county’s roads. These are our roads and we can all play a part in making them safer for everyone.

At 17:00 hours Cambs police said…

south cambs as of 17:38 on #roadsafetyday


Representatives of Comberton’s Speedwatch Teams assisted in this endeavour early in the morning on Barton Road….

15 vehicles were identified and reported to the police for speeding – some at 50mph – out of 490 passing during the hour going east on Barton Road.

More importantly, once drivers had seen the speedwatch sign they reduced their speed by about 10 mph or more – just what the scheme is all about…

If you want to join Comberton Speedwatch then look in your November Contact !