BE AWARE – Don’t fall forCounterfeit Goods this Christmas


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With the Christmas shopping seasonunderway, spare a thought when buying last minute bargains for your loved ones;are they real…or are they fake?

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards are aware that roguetraders are stocking up with counterfeit goods ready to ‘rip off’ Xmasshoppers.

With the rapid changes in modern technology fake goods are getting harder tospot, so keep an eye open.

Clothes, CD’s, computer games, playstation/consolegames, DVD’s, videos perfumes, aftershaves and cigarettes are all popular withcounterfeiters.

  • They will be poor quality, misdescribed, defective or unsafe
  • You will probably have no proof of purchase or means of tracing the seller
  • You will be left with goods that cannot be used or returned

Trading Standards advice is to use reputable traders operating from shopsand market stalls who regularly trade in the County and have a reputation tomaintain. Where possible obtain proof of purchase and where goods turn out tobe faulty or misdescribed, raise the issue with theseller as soon as possible.

Remember – alwayscarefully check the quality of the packaging and look for spelling mistakes !!

WATCH OUT THIS CHRISTMAS FOR -Bottles of fake Vodka laced with methanol that couldlead to blindness and coma

Two bottles of fake Kirov Vodakcontaining Methanol were discovered recently in Kentbut Trading Standards officers fear they could be on sale in Cambridgeshire.

How to recognise the fake – Differencesbetween counterfeit and genuine product

Genuine bottles of Kirov vodka will have a printedred cap with a double headed eagle printed in gold and black on the top and theword ‘Kirov’ printed 3 times at an angle on the cap side. The counterfeitbottles have only plain red caps.

All genuine bottles of Kirovvodka will also have an ink jet lot code applied in black ink to the glass. Thecounterfeit bottles so far examined did not have any lot code markings.

DO NOT – buy or drink thisproduct

Christmas holly