Planning Applications

Local Planning Applications

There is a Planning Sub-Commitee in the Parish Council. It normally meets 30 minutes before the main PC Meeting in the Village Hall.

It may meet on ad-hoc occasions to address an urgent planning matter.

A list of planning applications being considered by the Parish Council is normally on the Village Noticeboard in South Street.

To comment on any of these please mail the Planning Chair at Comberton PC as well as South Cambs District Council (SCDC).

For the latest information on applications and decisions in the last 12 months:

  • click here to go to SCDC planning website to search for Comberton Applications,
  • for Toft Applications click here .

Local Plan (SCDC)

SCDC revised their Local Plan using a Long Term Development Framework (LDF) for 2016 onwards. This raised a number of potential sites proposed for development of which 9 were within our Village boundary.

The Parish Council set up a working party (including non councillors) to address the important issues these developments would have if these were considered viable by SCDC.

The Parish Council brought together arguments concerning these sites (and those adjacent to Comberton) and their potential impact on the life of Comberton for presentation to SCDC following an endorsement at a public meeting in Comberton in September 2012.

In addition Cambs County Council revised their Transport Strategy.

Update Sept 2013 – The nine original sites were condensed down to four sites for Comberton and were consulted at the end of 2012, again resisted by CPC but these are NOT in the new plan – in line with Parish views.

Furthermore Comberton is reclassified as a Minor Rural Centre in the new Plan, which means that the restriction on houses per development within the village framework rises from 8 to 30.

However a new proposal for 90 houses at Bennell Farm, plus a football pitch and changing facilities for the village of TOFT and an additional car park for CVC is now in the SCDC Local Plan has been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate and is included in the latest  adopted South Cambridgeshire Local Plan. This plan was submitted to the Secretary of State at the end of March 2014. It is now being examined  in a Public Examination by independent planning inspector

To see the current progress on this Local Development Scheme  examination please click here; the overall Scheme is  here.