Parish Councillors 2018-2019

The Chairman and Vice -Chair were elected at the last Parish Council Meeting in May 2018.

Chairman Mr Hywel Griffiths 18 Barrons Way 263390  
Vice-Chair Mr Nick Taylor (co-opted) 41 West Street 263419  
Dr Pamela Black 39 West Street 817872
Ms Naomi (Jill) Feldman 133 Green End 262101
Mr Andrew Hollick 73 Swaynes Lane 263089
Dr Janet McCabe 3 Westcroft 263387
Mr Simon Moffat (co-opted) 86 Swaynes Lane
Ms Jennifer Martin (co-opted)
 St. Thomas’ Close
Mr Tim Scott Moat House, 65 Green End 263434
Mrs Lynn Tatnell (co-opted) 89 Barrons Way  263240
Mr Mike Tebbit (co-opted) Foxes Bridge Farm, Royston Lane  264649
Ms Caragh Urquhart (co-opted) The Three Horseshoes, South Street  262252
Miss Chris Westgarth 85 Barton Road 263242

Emails can be addressed to councillors in respect to Comberton Parish Council matters;
a courtesy copy could be sent to the clerk. Email addresses are in the format
initial surname at comberton dot org dot uk (without spaces like jBlogs@…..)

Each PCC Member must register their outside interests with South Cambridgeshire District Council, that may relate to the PCC or its business . The PDF icons above will display each member’s registered interests.

Comberton Parish Councillors were elected in May 2018.