Parish Councillors 2017-2018-2019

The Chairman and Vice -Chair will be elected at the next Parish Council Meeting.

Chairman Mr Hywel Griffiths 18 Barrons Way 263390  
Vice-Chair Mr Nick Taylor (not standing in 2018 election) 41 West Street 263419  
Dr Pamela Black 39 West Street 817872
Ms Naomi (Jill) Feldman 133 Green End 262101
Mr Andrew Hollick 73 Swaynes Lane 263089
Dr Janet McCabe 3 Westcroft 263387
Mr Simon Moffat (not standing in 2018 election) 86 Swaynes Lane
Ms Jennifer Martin (not standing in 2018 election)
 St. Thomas’ Close
Mr Tim Scott Moat House, 65 Green End 263434
Mrs Lynn Tatnell (not standing in 2018 election) 89 Barrons Way  263240
Mr Mike Tebbit (not standing in 2018 election) Foxes Bridge Farm, Royston Lane  264649
Ms Caragh Urquhart (not standing in 2018 election) The Three Horseshoes, South Street  262252
Miss Chris Westgarth 85 Barton Road 263242

Emails can be addressed to councillors in respect to Comberton Parish Council matters;
a courtesy copy could be sent to the clerk. Email addresses are in the format
initial surname at comberton dot org dot uk (without spaces like jBlogs@…..)

Each PCC Member must register their outside interests with South Cambridgeshire District Council, that may relate to the PCC or its business . The PDF icons above will display each member’s registered interests.

Comberton Parish Councillors are being elected in May 2018., Current members not standing for re-election are noted above