Contact Magazine

The Village Magazine – Contact – has been in existence for decades.

Contact Magazine is uploaded here for on/offline perusal and to be indexed by the search engines….

Previous months will be added later; you can access via the contact page on the old website (link is at the top of your screen)

Initially produced by the vicarage on a Roneo stencil machine (pictured right) by the hands of God, it was updated into the 20th Century by Richard Elleray using a Macintosh Plus and an Apple Imagewriter. Later this technology was upgraded to a Mac SE, then a Mac Quadra with a Apple Laserwriter, then an Apple G3 Power Mac.

From a typewriter onto a stencil , through MacWrite to Adobe Pagemaker it has made it into the 21st Century.

Therafter it was edited by Anne Horler using Adobe Insight, and now by Suki Williams using MS Publisher.

Contact is printed bi-monthly and distributed free-of-charge to every village household …..

  • Contact Editor is Suki Williams 01223 263940
  • Contact Treasurer / Advertising is handled by Terry Coad 01223 263264
  • Contact Distribution is co-ordinated by Marian Dymott 01223 263292