Recreation Ground


This is an area of open space for recreational use. It is open 08:30am until 1/2 hour after street lighting up time
for parking and team activities. Pedestrian access at other times..

No motorcycles, mopeds or vehicles allowed beyond the car park without written authorisation.

The lower (north eastern) end of the Recreation Ground is left as a wildlife area with wandering, mown paths. There are benches around the Recreation Ground perimiter.

There is:

  • A gravel car park,
  • A fully featured pavilion (changing rooms/showers for two teams) with kitchen and referee/umpire rooms,
  • several football pitches of both adult and youth sizes. These are used by Comberton United and Comberton Crusaders football clubs respectively,
  • a cricket pitch used by Comberton Cricket Club ,
  • a Bowls Ground,
  • a Skateboard Park,
  • a state of art set of (adult) exercise  / fitness equipment,
  • a state of the art  Adventure Playground (click here for more info, pictures and drone videos),
  • an enclosed play sandpit for use by toddlers,
  • a table tennis table,
  • a meeting hub,
  • several benches,
  • several dog bins,
  • and soon a picnic table.

There is a hard tarmac path from the main entrance up to the adventure playground and rear entrance to the Meridian Primary school, part of the Safer Route to Schools initiative.