Comberton Objects !

Comberton Parish Council submitted its evidence led objection to the  Retirement ‘Village’ to the SCDC Planning Portal on 16th June.

Comberton Parish Council Strongly Objects to the Proposed Retirement Village on the Land South of Branch Road, Comberton. This document states the reasons for that objection and concerns that our community has raised. A public meeting was held by Comberton Parish Council on 24th May to allow Parishioners to voice their opinion.

Comberton Parish Council is concerned that the number of discrepancies and omissions within the application lead to an incorrect view of the proposal. This is especially evident in the Green Belt Assessment, the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, the Balance Assessment and the Biodiversity Assessment.

Comberton Parish Council, representing current and future residents of Comberton, does not believe this application shows integration of the retirement complex into the village of Comberton and that a very separate community would be added to our thriving village.

The application does not reflect the needs of a C2 level development nor shows that this is the best location in the district for this development. The needs of future residents are not at the forefront of design, and the location and design do not have sustainability as a priority.

The impact on the rural village of Comberton is high. The location of an oversized, out of keeping set of buildings in the middle of a green lung space is insensitive and inappropriate. The necessary lighting and development will impact many species, including Red-listed birds and highly protected Barbastrelle bats.

The changes to Branch Road will forever change a rural lane and its verges and hedgerows. New paths across the recreation ground will change peaceful, rural areas of the village amenity. Proposed re-wilding of wild areas, in an effort to increase biodiversity figures, will cause great harm to the rural centre of our village.

Services for C2 and other residents over 65 have not been adequately considered. Both the GP Surgery and ICB have stated that the treatment rooms in the proposed clubhouse building cannot be used by the NHS for treatment. No adequate travel has been proposed to enable residents to get to the GP surgery. Comberton & Eversden GP Practice is already over capacity and does not have any more physical space to accommodate a larger patient list.

Residents are very concerned about impact to the drainage and sewage systems as the village regularly experiences flooding, both of rainwater but also sewage. The design suggests that this situation could be made worse.

You can read the whole response here… Parish Council Response Final 16-06-23


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