Pictures will be added as the projects evolves – last updated 15th August


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latest two pictures show that the coir matting laid over the earthworks up’hill’ of the boundary have now been covered and some plants are already growing up through it !

PLEASE Do NOT put ANY plants or fish into the pond !

Re-introduction of appropriate  plants is being done slowly and systematically  by CPC’s Pond Working Group
to encourage bio-diversity and to stop non-native and invasive species causing the pond to revert to its poor state in 2021.

Work  on the village pond started  on Monday 25th July and was expected to last three weeks. During that timeframe the area around the village pond was inaccessible, protected by  fencing. Residents should take care around the site, particularly when contractor vehicles are moving around the site. They will be removing the island, dredging the silt, deepening the pond, removing the plants,  repairing the brick work and then adding plants at the end of the project. It is not being re-lined.

This work has been funded by a £10k grant from the The National Lottery Community Fund (championed by Claire Coulson and the CPC Pond Working Group) and two pre-allocated budget amounts from last years and this years CPC budgets (i.e. from residents precept).