Comberton is an historic rural village in the green belt in South Cambridgeshire, UK – some 4 miles to the south west of Cambridge with over 943 dwellings and population exceeding 2,360 (est.).

An attractive blend of old and new, it is well served by local education, sports and community facilities with good transport for NHS COVID19 app

The NHS COVID-19 app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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If you use the Recreation Ground for sport and the Pavilion please ‘log in’ to the venue QR poster in the pavilion .

Comberton’s Coronavirus Caring Community – can you help or need help….
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Today in our village we used to have the following activities….

(You should assume under current circumstances that group activities have been cancelled, unless you have been specifically advised that they are unaffected by Coronavirus containment recommendations)

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Colours hopefully show mostly what the calendar item represents:
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